Baseball Haiku

on Elysian Fields sun scorching across the sky heroes roam the wall brownstones and spaldeens soda pops and Dodger blue hydrants drench the field late summer night— baseball rolls across the mind hope for hit not out race to the … [Read more...]

Opening Ceremonies

There's lots there to dissect, and dismiss, but I'll settle for a couple of quick thoughts on Henry Aubin's editorial in the Montreal Gazette. The focus of the opening ceremonies at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics was twofold: Aboriginal culture, and … [Read more...]

Flip Flop Fly Ball

This is definitely my new favourite website. And this my new favourite post. If I could buy that image as a print and hang it on my wall, I would. And the play-by-play is that extra  of detail that makes dorks like me giddy. Kudos to the site's … [Read more...]

Lord of the Pop Flies

Let’s get this out of the way: first trip to Toronto, first time at Skydome Rogers Centre (what isn’t named after Ted Rogers in T Zero, by the way?), and a Red Sox fan. That was me, last Friday night. I’d come to town for other reasons, but had hung … [Read more...]

Baseball Haiku

vegetarianin the town of beer and deermilwaukee's Fieldera sad lexiconTinkers to Evers to Chanceball game is overintentionally—Satch loads the basesstrikes out the Black Babe Ruthflip over the packbubblegum powder attackshear the cards snapbare feet … [Read more...]