Crazy I’m Maybe

crazy I'm maybe rattled noggin in the dim foggy forgetful splash muddled muggle mojito cuckoo juice from concentrate walking around the 24 hour drug mart the bright lights white noise and air conditioning recondition the … [Read more...]

Old Man and the Pee

Didn't I just pee/At quarter past three/Is it time to go again/I say in my head/I'm not even drunk/Not a little bit crunk/Didn't I just pee/What's the matter with me … [Read more...]

Night, Night

Yesterday seemed like a perfect time to have some fun with a silly little poem I've had sitting around for a couple months. I did two recordings, shortly after midnight. The first was recorded outside, in a park near my house. It didn't work, as the … [Read more...]

Baseball Haiku

on Elysian Fields sun scorching across the sky heroes roam the wall brownstones and spaldeens soda pops and Dodger blue hydrants drench the field late summer night— baseball rolls across the mind hope for hit not out race to the … [Read more...]


Five summers ago, me and three friends--Nathan Muhly, Dan Strelow and Tim Smith--decided to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. That's the NaNoWriMo formula, except we did it during the summer rather than during November. It was a grueling … [Read more...]

Pensées in Helvetica

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Baseball Haiku

vegetarianin the town of beer and deermilwaukee's Fieldera sad lexiconTinkers to Evers to Chanceball game is overintentionally—Satch loads the basesstrikes out the Black Babe Ruthflip over the packbubblegum powder attackshear the cards snapbare feet … [Read more...]