A Few of My Favourite Things: 2012

A little later than normal, as the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 was spent recovering from a wicked cold, but below, as always, some of my favourite things from the past year. Books, television, movies, music…it’s all here. I continue to … [Read more...]

Gold Rush

Just a quick post on some culture I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this summer. Books Batman: Death By Design, Chip Kidd (June 5) Parker: The Score, Richard Stark and Darwyn Cooke (July 3) The Woman Who Died A Lot, Jasper Fforde … [Read more...]

Groove With The Rhythm In Your Soul

I made a Beastie Boys mix when MCA's passed away last week, and thought I'd share it with people. I'd also love to hear what other tracks people might have on their mix. Or, if you're particularly daring, feel free to share your "Desert Island, Top … [Read more...]

Levon, My Brother

I’ve been trying to piece together some words about Levon Helm for a couple hours now, and it’s been difficult. His death has hit me pretty hard. I never met the man. I only know what the rest of the world knows about him. And yet it was still a real … [Read more...]

A Few of My Favourite Things: 2011

Below are some of my favourite things from the past year. Books, television, movies, music…it’s all here. I’m not doing reviews or overviews this year. If it’s here, it’s good.  Am I that confident? Yes. But there’s also links for many of the items … [Read more...]

Making A List…

Let’s play a game. The other night, while listening to a sub-par playlist at the otherwise enjoyable Moriarty’s Bistro, my friend Kyla Fisher posed a question. “What group,” she asked me, “would you most like to see perform at the Folk Festival this … [Read more...]

Best Albums & Songs of 2010

Brothers-Black Keys Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager-Kid Cudi LeBron James may have taken his talents to Miami, but there was no shortage of musical ability coming out of Ohio in 2010. Akron’s The Black Keys put out their sweatiest … [Read more...]

The Aughts: Music

The Best Albums of the Decade 1. Heartbreaker - Ryan Adams 2. The Black Album - Jay Z 3. Stankonia - Outkast 4. The College Dropout - Kanye West 5. FutureSex/Love Sounds - Justin Timberlake 6. Trouble - Ray Lamontagne 7. Back to Black - Amy … [Read more...]

Blurb Blerg

Back with another Ryan Adams post. One of the books I'm currently reading is Infinity Blues, a 2009 collection of some of Adams' poetry. So far, it's exactly what you'd expect from a guy who has become infamous for his prolific songwriting and … [Read more...]

Hey There/These Girls

Moving from newest to oldest, here's three different takes on essentially the same Ryan Adams song. First, a longer, electric take on "These Girls," with Adams' band The Cardinals. This version is part of the Avatar Sessions, which was … [Read more...]