Night, Night

Yesterday seemed like a perfect time to have some fun with a silly little poem I’ve had sitting around for a couple months. I did two recordings, shortly after midnight. The first was recorded outside, in a park near my house. It didn’t work, as the wind wreaked havoc on the sound. The second was recorded in my basement. It being the one with the fake sound effect, it of course worked best. It is below.

Night, Night

Night, night
Turn off your lights
Don’t look under the bed
It’s all in your head

Ignore all the sounds
That you hear all around
The creaks and the thumps
That make your heart jump

There’s no need for fear
Or to shed any tears
No monsters no ghosts
No beasts to provoke

No dragons no trolls
Nothing hiding behind doors
Just the still of the night
And blankets wrapped tight

The stars in the sky
Will shine nice and bright
The moon up above
Will shower you with love

And just down the hall
Are your Ma and your Pa
If you need them just call
They’ll take care of it all
Night, night, little Boo
Turn off the lights you
Please don’t look under your bed
Or we’ll have no choice, but to eat you up dead

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