Groove With The Rhythm In Your Soul

I made a Beastie Boys mix when MCA’s passed away last week, and thought I’d share it with people. I’d also love to hear what other tracks people might have on their mix. Or, if you’re particularly daring, feel free to share your “Desert Island, Top Five Beastie Boys Songs” list.  After much deliberation, I ended up going with a Top Five of:

1) “So What’cha Want”
2) “Shake Your Rump”
3) “Get It Together”
4) “Sure Shot”
5) “Egg Man”

An embedded playlist is below, along with the track and album listing.

My Name Is MCA
I’ve Been Coming To Where I Am From The Get Go
Find That I Can Groove With The Beat When I Let Go
So Put Your Worries On Hold
Get Up And Groove With The Rhythm In Your Soul

Three MC’s And One DJ Mix
“To All The Girls” (Paul’s Boutique)
“Shake Your Rump” (Paul’s Boutique)
“Paul Revere”  (Licensed To Ill)
“Pass The Mic” (Check Your Head)
“Root Down” (Ill Communication)
“Brass Monkey”  (Licensed To Ill)
“Intergalactic” (Hello Nasty)
“Jimmy James” (Check Your Head)
“Sure Shot” (Ill Communication)
“Shadrach” (Paul’s Boutique)
“Rhymin & Stealin” (Licensed To Ill)
“So What’cha Want” (Check Your Head)
“Flute Loop” (Ill Communication)
“Make Some Noise” (Hot Sauce Committee Part Two)
“Fight For Your Right” (Licensed To Ill)
“Something’s Got To Give” (Check Your Head)
“Sabotage” (Ill Communication)
“Gratitude” (Check Your Head)
“Nonstop Disco Powerpack” (Hot Sauce Committee Part Two)
“Hey Ladies” (Paul’s Boutique)
“Girls” (Licensed To Ill)
“Get It Together” (Ill Communication)
“Funky Boss” (Check Your Head)
“She’s Crafty” (Licensed To Ill)
“Egg Man” (Paul’s Boutique)
“Three MC’s And One DJ” (Hello Nasty)
“Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament” (Hot Sauce Committee Part Two)
“No Sleep Till Brooklyn” (Licensed To Ill)

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