Beers, Books and the Seven Kingdoms

 Samantha Power likes books. So do I. Samantha Power likes fantasy books. So do I. Samantha Power likes George R.R. Martin’s fantasy books. You guessed it–so do I. 

Sam (who in her non-nerd time happens to be the News Editor at Vue Weekly) and I started talking to each other about The Song of Ice and Fire series a couple months ago. I’ve been reading the series since A Game of Thrones came out in 1996 (I actually have a beaten up Bantam first edition from the ABA trade show that year). Sam started reading them earlier this year and devoured them in a frenzied delight. Besides talking about what happens in the books, Sam and I talked at great lengths about what didn’t happen in the books. That is to say, all the unsolved mysteries that remained after one had read the fourth book, A Feast For Crows. We had decided we were going to do a podcast prior to the release of A Dance With Dragons and try and answer some of those questions, but never got around to it. Yet many questions remain even after the publication of A Dance With Dragons, and new ones have popped up, and so Sam and I decided to sit down over some drinks and discuss. This is a recording of that conversation.

The podcast is completely unedited. Our goal was lo-fi production and hi-fi conversation. It is much longer than we intended, and we do apologize for that. If we do more of these in the future, which is the plan, we’ll make sure to keep the time down to a more reasonable 20-30 minutes.

The podcast is also SPOILER-heavy. We talk about all five books and the first season of the HBO series, so if you’re way behind and don’t want plot points ruined, finish the books before taking a listen.

The Soundcloud widget you see on the page does allow for downloads. Simply click on the downwards-facing arrow button on the right side of the widget, and go from there.

The Angelfire page we mention in the podcast is here. Yes, an Angelfire page.

Fans of the series can find more information on, including some recent videocasting that deals with some of the same things same and I discuss in the podcast.

Sam on Goodreads.
Andy on Goodreads.

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