Do They Know It’s Christmas?

One of my annual Christmas rituals is trying to identify all the artists in this video. I’ve been trying for 25 years, and I still can’t name everyone. It’s much more difficult than the “We Are The World” video. I suppose I could rely on Wikipedia or some other internet source to give me the complete list, but where’s the fun in that? If you’re at a Christmas party over the next few days, I recommend playing this, and trying to come up with a complete list. Even naming the group the musician belongs to is acceptable in my book.

Here, I’ll start things off:

Paul Young, Boy George, Phil Collins, George Michael, Simon Le Bon, Sting, the dude from Spandau Ballet, Bono, I think Paul Weller, and one guy from The Culture Club, one guy with a ponytail who looks like The Edge but isn’t The Edge, and some guy in a hat.

There you go. That’s your first 1:47. Good luck and God speed, especially for any of you born after 1980.


  1. Robert Cleave says:

    I can’t see the vid at work, Andy, but if my memory serves, the pony-tailed non-Edge person might well be Midge Ure of Ultravox.

    Jeebus, I listened to a lot of crap back in the early ’80s.

  2. Jody Watley and the girls from Bananarama looking extremely bored in the front row of the chorus.

  3. I know it’s 25 years old, but it’s remarkable to me how few of the people in this video still have respectable recording careers. It’s basically U2 and Sting. I’ve also always thought it was weird that Kool and the Gang and Shalamar were in the video. Both are American acts, and are the only non-white performers in the video. Were they on tour in the UK and got brought in? Did they know someone? How did this happen? These are the things I spend my hours wondering about.

  4. Truth is a lot of these folks were pretty obscure even back then. I was a teenager when this came out and a good number of these people were unknowns here.

    Nick Rhodes and John Taylor from Duran Duran and I think the guy who looks like a woman, he has blonde hair and is wearing yellow, behind Bananarama, was called Marilyn. Seriously.

    As for careers well they’d pretty well all be over fifty now so its probably for the better. I saw a Stones performance on TV the other day and it was absolutely depressing. A lot of them had reasonable careers though, Phil Collins was around for a long long time and Banarama had pretty surprising staying power. I think two thirds of the original band still tour. And of course Duran Duran was huge.

    The 80s were the one hit wonder decade for sure, where’s Madness? Dexy’s Midnight Runners?

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