Goodnight, Irene

“Last Saturday night, I got married
And me, and my wife, we settled down.”-Lead Belly

Yes, I am the kind of guy who DJs his own wedding. And yes, I am the kind of fella who posts his wedding playlist for all to see. That’s just the kind of man I am. Enjoy.

10324_131434771540_558641540_3117067_166720_nSadly, I ended up not being able to play every song on my list. I actually started out with a list of over 700 songs, but culled that list down to about 95. I tweaked in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and came up with the final list of 89. But even then, I couldn’t play them all. By about 1:00 a.m., people were itching to head to the after-party and so I had to cut some tunes out. We wrapped at about 1:30 a.m., and headed back to the AV Club (yes, we also hosted our own after-party) to get our drink on. It hurt to have to cut some songs, but I console myself with the fact that people danced their asses off for five straight hours, and that the after-party ended up being an insanely good time.

For any who want more specifics, and there may be a few of you, the night went like this:

Wedding Party Entrance Song
“Way I Are”-Timbaland (feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.)

Bride & Groom Entrance Song
“People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul”-James Brown

Surprise Songs For The Bride
“Question”-Old 97’s
“Ramona”-Joe Bird
(Both songs performed live by Tim Smith and Matt Grier)

First Song
“Five Days In May”-Blue Rodeo
“I Will”-The Beatles

Dance With The Parents
“Fly Me To The Moon”-Frank Sinatra

Wedding Party Dance
“Lovers In A Dangerous Time”-Barenaked Ladies

Me, my new wife, and the wedding party then gathered everyone for “Two Step” by the Dave Matthews Band, and the party was on.

We also made the very wise decision of having a Tickle Trunk at our wedding. We filled it with hats, glasses, wigs and other assorted items, and brought it out for all to share during the dance. I was a bit worried about whether it would catch on or not, but everyone loved it. Huge hit. It was fantastic to see people walking around the reception hall wearing bumblebee hats, gigantic pink glasses and other wild and whacky items. I recommend it for any and every party.

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