Things I Like

I started adding things into the “Interests” section of my Facebook page today, and couldn’t stop. I think I’ll carry on with it here, if you don’t mind. You don’t, only reader me? Why, thank you.

Original “Interests”
Seizing Day, Exiting Cave, Hedonism

The Growing List
The American Experience, Rock & Roll, Blues, Hip Hop, Baseball, Comic Books, Pulp Novels, Popular Culture, Bubblegum, Muppets, Words, Grammar, Elves, Grinding, Whitesnake, Beats, Dr. Seuss, Mojo, the Mississippi Delta, Cinema, Samurai, the Harlem Renaissance, Film Noir, Meta, Tragedy, Chicago, Batman, Catholicism, Aquinas, Jesuits, the Smell of Books, Bohemianism, Flirting, Yakyu, Tolkien, Tea, the Negro Leagues, Jews, Hard-Boiled Crime Fiction, Everything and Anything Beatles, Type, Typewriters, Action Figures, the Films of Kurosawa, the Coens and John Hughes, Christmas, Feminine Curves, Children’s Literature, Tricksters, Norse Mythology, Nightswimming, Boston, Blue Eyes, Saying the Word “Fuck,” Blanket Forts, Colouring, Air Guitar, Gams, Stairway to Heaven, Mix Tapes, Love, Green Grass and Transcendental Philosophy.

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